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Tủ Sách: China's Nine-Dotted Lines in the South China Sea T

China's Nine-Dotted Lines in the South China Sea T

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Uploaded by hhhh - 21-06-2012
Author Author Thang Nguyen-Dang University of Cambridge - Faculty of Law Hong Thao Nguyen Vietnam National University – Hanoi
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Tủ sách biển Đông Tủ sách biển Đông 207
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Ocean Development & International Law, Vol. 43, No. 1, pp. 35-56, 2012

Important events relating to the sovereignty dispute over the Spratly Islands have arisen by fits and starts since 2009, marking the start of a new phase in the legal battle over territorial and maritime claims in the South China Sea. While exchange of legal arguments between parties in this battle has gradually laid bare their maritime claims, much still remains shrouded in uncertainty. Among the obscure claims wanting in clarification is China’s infamous nine-dotted-line map, which has recently elicited response and counter-response between the Philippines and China. This article revisits the maritime and territorial claims of the Philippines and China as revealed in the recent discord over the nine-dotted-line map.



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