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Tủ Sách: [English]A system of geography, including also the

[English]A system of geography, including also the

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Uploaded by Đội Quế Hương - 16-01-2010
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Cuốn sách tiếng Anh về địa lý "A system of geography on a new and easy plan, from the lastest and the best authorities, including also the elements of astronomy" xuất bản năm 1839 tại London và Edinburgh. Ở trang số 180, 181 mô tả về Cochinchina có nói đến các đặc điểm đặc trưng của vương quốc Cochinchina, và nhắc đến Paracel là một chuỗi đảo, đá, bãi ngầm chạy song song với bờ biển Cochinchina

Như vậy tác giả của cuốn sách thừa nhận rằng Paracel thuộc về Cochinchina, và đã mô tả nó như là một đặc trưng của vương quốc Cochinchina


The name of this country is said to imply Western China. The aborigines are calltd Moyt; and they inhabit the chain of mountains which separates it from Cambodia. To these strongholds they were driven, about the beginning of the fifteenth century, by the present possessors of the country. They are a savage people, very black, and have features resembling the Cadres. The present inhabitants bear evident marks of being derived from the same stock as the Chinese; their religion is also the same, as are most of their manners and customs. They are a courteous, affable race, rather inclined to indolence. The houses are mostly of bamboo, covered with rushes or the straw of rice, and stand in groves of oranges, limes, plantains, and cocoa-trees. Here is plenty of sugar, pepper, rice, yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and melons; also ivory, musk, honey, and silk. The edible birds' nests, esteemed a delicacy in China, are found in this country; they are as white as snow, formed by a species of swallows from some unknown viscous substance, and great numbers are exported. Tigers, elephants, and monkeys, abound ; there are also mules, asses, and innumerable goats. Gold dust is found in the rivers; and the mines yield

ore of singular purity. Silver-mines have also been lately discovered
The Paracels form a long chain of small islands, with rocks and shoals, parallel to the coast of Cochin-China.
The kings of Cochin-China, by the instructions obtained from French officers, have lately formed a disciplined army, with which they have conquered the neighbouring countries of Cambodia, Siampa, and Tonquin. The capital, Huc-fo, has been strongly fortified in the European manner.


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