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Tủ Sách: [English]The journal of the Royal Geographical Soc

[English]The journal of the Royal Geographical Soc

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Uploaded by Đội Quế Hương - 16-01-2010
Author Author Norton Shaw, Hume Greenfield, Henry Walter Bates, GutzLaff
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Tạp chí của hội địa lý Hoàng gia London số 19 năm 1849 ghi nhận Paracel thuộc về vương quốc Cochinchina. Bài báo đó ở trang số 93, có đoạn viết như sau
We should not mention here the Paracels (Katvang) which approach 15-20 leagues to the coast of Annam, and extend between 15-17 N.lat. and 111-113 E.longtitude, if the King of Cochin-china did not claim these as his property, and many isles and reefs, so dangerous to navigators. Whether the coral animals or other causes contribute to the growth of these rocks we shall not determine; but merely state that the islets rise every year higher and higher, and some of them are not permanently inhabited, through which the waves, only few years ago, broke with force. They would be of no value if the fisheries were not very productive, and did not remunerate all the perils of the adventures. From time immemorial, junks in large number from Haenan, have annually visited all these shoals, and proceeded in their excursions as far as the coast of Borneo. Though more than ten percen are annually wrecked, the quantity of fish taken is so great as to ensure all lost, and still leave a very good profit. The Annam government, perceiving the advantages which it might derive if a toll were raised, keeps revenue cutters and small garrison on the spot to collect the duty on all visitors, and to ensure protection to its fishermen. A considerable intercourse has thus gradually been established, and promises to grow in importance on account of abundance of fish which come to these banks to spawn. Some islets bear a stunted vegetation, but fresh water is wanting; and those sailors who neglect to take with them a good supply are often put to great straits
Vậy là ghi nhận rõ ràng Paracel thuộc về Annam hay Cochinchina tức Việt Nam ngày nay http://books.google.com/books?id=130...page&q&f=false


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