Nghiên cứu Vietnam’s Effort to Assert of ASEAN’s Position in the Region

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    In thecomplicated, hard, and mixed developments in the region and the world, the member nations of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) are required toenhance solidarity, actively integrate and cooperate for general development. Over the past time, ASEAN has gradually asserted the role as the nuclear of dialogue andcooperation for peace and stability in the region. The achievements of ASEAN have been greatly made up by the nations in the bloc, including Vietnam.

    Vietnam officially joined and became the 7thmember of ASEAN on July 28th, 1995. After itsstarting period in the new playground with the motto of being “active, positive, and responsible to build a strong community together with ASEAN countries,” Vietnam and other ASEAN members have overcome the challenges, left deep impressions with positive contributions, helped strengthen solidarity in ASEAN, expanded foreign relations,and enhanced ASEAN’s role and position internationally.

    Over the past decades, the South East Asia region hasundergone a strong transformation, becoming a region of dynamic development and solidarity. From a loose organization, ASEAN has become a closely-knit organization with rapid growth and an indispensable partner of powerful countries as well as international organizations and important mechanisms of security and economics. In this progress, Vietnam’s role is important, helping identify the strategic directions and policies for ASEAN such as building Vision 2020, ASEAN Charter, Hanoi Declaration on Narrowing the Development Gap, etc. At the same time, Vietnam has also shown the influence by defending the basic goals and principles of ASEAN for general development.

    The growingposition and strength of ASEAN have also facilitated Vietnam topromote its own advantages. As a bright spot with stable socio-political situation, good security, dynamic economy, etc., Vietnam is considered a model for the countries in the region and highly appreciated by ASEAN partners. It is also a factor that powerful countries should not skip in planning and deploying policies for the South East Asia and Asia-Pacific regions. Vietnam has also strengthened its strategic position in the region, promoted integration, boosted partnership with ASEAN countries, participated in interregional mechanisms such as theAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum; Asia – Europe Meeting (ASEM), and so on.

    In recent context that ASEAN has faced with a lot of difficulties, challenges related to the competition between powerful countries, differences in awareness, benefit, and behavior among member nations, Vietnam has strived to strengthen solidarity, united the roles of ASEAN in dealing with the regional issues, settling the traditional and non-traditional security challenges as well as the issues arising in the relation with partners,further promoted practical/true cooperation in the significant mechanisms, regional forum initiated and led by ASEAN such as the East Asia Summit (EAS), the ASEAN RegionalForum (ARF), the ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting (ADMM+), etc.

    Recent developments in the East Sea havecaused further risks of instability in the region, a scenario that no countries in the South East Asia seem todesire. There have been numerous differences in the viewpoints of the powerful countries in free approach and use of sea area, in which the Western powers express their concern about the outlook that the East Sea will become a “Beijing’s lake.”Also, according to the analyses, in the coming time, the interest in the East Sea of the powers will not only be the diplomatically weak responses like the past time but also provide the strong policies, even their joint campaigns.

    According to experts, in this period, ASEAN countries need to keep an eye on the actions, responses of the powers until they reach an agreement on the so-called acceptable behavior in the East Sea. This time is considered the challenge for the ASEAN countries so that they can prove the central role in the regional security issues, including the East Sea. To do this, the ASEAN countries are required to create favorable conditions for the powers to have dialogues like the success in the previous decades.

    The complicated developments of the East Sea issue will be a test to challenge the stuff, solidarity spirit of ASEAN countries. ASEAN has shown the association, effort to deal with the emerging complicated problems in the region through positive assistance forLaos after the collapse of the hydroelectric dam in this country. Despite different degrees of interest for the East Sea issue, ASEAN countries have reached agreement on basicprinciples, and the shared views are to dignify the diplomatic and legal process, settle disputes with peaceful measures on the basis of international law and the Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982, fully and effectively implement the Declaration on Conduct ofthe Parties in the East Sea (DOC) and build the Code of Conduct ofthe Parties in the East Sea (COC).

    The thorough position, viewpoint of Vietnam are always ensured and consistent in the East Sea issue. Accordingly, Vietnam actively discusses, works with other countries to build consensus in ASEAN, between ASEAN and partners about the general benefit of the countries in order to maintain peace, stability, security, maritime and air routes in the East Sea, urges that East Sea issue should be raised in the documents of the ASEAN conferences and forums with positive contents, stresses full and effective implementation of theDOC as well as finalizes the COC soon.

    To continue the achievements since Vietnam joined ASEAN as well as to further affirm the positive roles, factors in ASEAN, in the coming period, there is a high possibility that Vietnam will keep on making comprehensive contribution, being active and responsible for dealing with the general issues of the bloc. Vietnam will work closely with the member nations to realize the ASEAN Vision 2025, further promote the role of each nation, boost true cooperation inall fields, bring practical benefit for the people as well as focus on maintaining the unified bloc and uniting the principles, values which make the identity and success of ASEAN.
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